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Utilisation of our creation program requires the presence of "plug in Flash" on your computer.
This program has been developed with the latest technology from Macromedia Flash. Make the most of this new experience on internet.

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As you create your invitation, a interactive aid will guide and inform you about information to fill out and what it represents. To get this help, you only have to go to the icon i at the right of each page.

An order confirmed on the e-invitation site involves full acceptance of the present sales general conditions. The general sales conditions presented below are administered by Suisse law.

All images, illustrations, photographs, code sources, concepts and texts that you can consult on the e-invitation site are protected by copyright and also by the intellectual property laws. All reproduction, even partial, of any of the above is strictly prohibited and doing so will be punished by the law.

Managment of Clients accounts
A client's account can be refused or cancelled by e-invitation if this has been opened using invalid, incorrect or false information. In the case of a cancelled account by e-invitation, no claim can be made by the client.

On-line orders
Following an order and payment on e-invitation you will receive a review e-mail within 24 hours.

Treatment of your order
Each order will be treated in the 24hours following payment. In the case of litigation with a client, e-invitation reserves the right to refuse treatment of the order. In this case, e-invitation can not be sued for damages.

Pages, texts, images and languages
For virtual invitations, pages, texts and languages will be composed and prepared by the client on our creation program In the case of printed invitations, we use the pages, texts of the virtual invitations. This signifies that the virtual invitations and cards will be used as proofs. The images will be transferred by the client by electronic form. The quality and the copyright of the images are the client's responsibility. E-invitation can make printed invitations in French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. For other languages, only after demand, and under no guaranty that we can reproduce each accent of each special character.

The colours can vary from one screen to another in function with the different adjustments of light and contrast of each screen. This said there can be a slight difference between the colours of the virtual and printed invitations.

Payment can be executed with a completely secure transaction, 24h/24 on the e-invitation site. Payment can equally be done by bank or postal transfer. In the case of payment by transfer, the total amount indicated by e-invitation must be paid. Eventual postal or bank transfer taxes are at the clients charge. Sending of virtual and printed invitations will be un-blocked after complete payment.

The prices billed are those presented on the e-invitation site at the time of the order. Our prices can be readapted with no warning. Eventual customs taxes are at the charge of the client.

Delivery will be to the address indicated during the editing in of details on the e-invitation site. In the case of an incorrect address, e-invitation will not be held responsible.

Orders will be treated within 24 hours of the reception of the order. In the case of merchandise, count a delay of 4 to 15 working days, depending on the destination. These delays are only as an indication, and under no case can you refuse the merchandise or make any claim if it is late. We can not be responsible for customs delays.

Expedition and transport
Merchandise will be adequately packaged and sent by post. The merchandise will travel at the client's risks and peril. E-invitation accepts no responsibility for damage or delays caused by the transporters or by customs. Damage and delays are to be signalled by a written letter to the transporter.

If there is a printing error on the printed invitation after the proof which is actually the virtual invitation, e-invitation engages itself to you to reprint the cards at our charge. We will also take on charge the postal costs.

In the case of litigation, the client should inform our services by e-mail or by fax, all claims of error or non-conformity with our products. This opinion must absolutely be written the day of the delivery or at the latest the day after. After this limit of time any claims will be rejected. In the case of litigation between the two parties, a friendly solution will first be sought after. If this is not possible, legal activity will be taken into at the e-invitation siege.